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Heading Home

We are headed to see my family in Greenville, South Carolina for Thanksgiving. We plan to leave shortly after church. It will be a great time of fellowship and encouragement for me and Cassidy.

We plan on relaxing, eating, making videos with my brother Justin (J-rob Productions), and enjoy spending quality time with each other. I am very thankful for family!

This picture is from Christmas 2007


Heading home…

I’m heading home to see my family after church in the morning. I am going on short notice to see my brother who is battling cancer. He has been through a lot in the past year and has proven to be my hero and handling all of the pain and discomfort with God’s strength. God has continued to give my family strength through this time and I ask for your prayers for his healing and strength.

Jesus is the ultimate physician.

Here’s a picture of both of us at my ordination a while back…

Thank you for lifting Him up to the Lord.