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The couch – Part 2

Here is the second video from the “Skit Guys.” This one deals with an angry parent and a crazy kid.

Great video – The Couch Part 1

This video is from the “Skit Guys”, definitely the best at skits! This is a video from the perspective of a youth pastor talking to a couple middle-schoolers and then the pastor.

Funny video

This is a video of my younger brother Justin pulling a prank on my lovely wife, Cassidy. Enjoy!


Once again I am posting another production of my younger brother, Justin. Me and my brothers were home schooled growing up and because of that, we have many people who we can impersonate in videos. I’m thankful for the chance to be homeschooled, it was a great time in my life and thanks to my Mom for putting up with four boys running around making videos, wrestling, and eating a lot of food. The main reason that I think my brothers and I didn’t turn out “socially inept” (like most people think of home-schoolers) is that my parents lived a life of ministry and love to other people.

This video is hilarious. Hope you enjoy it.

The breakdown…

Here’s a video from Fusion weekend that Justin (my brother), Casey, and I did for the youth. We had a lot of fun with it!

What do you think?

Man vs. Wild Spoof #2

Another excellent video by my brothers for your entertainment enjoyment!!

Funny video

Once again my younger brother Justin has delivered another quality, hilarious video. This video is a spoof of a great show called, “Man vs. Wild.”