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Two great Books

I’m currently reading two books. The books are “7 Practices of Effective Ministry” (by Andy Stanley, Reggie Joiner, Lane Jones) and “Do they run when they see you coming: Reaching out to Un-churched teenagers” (by Jonathon McKee).

I plan on finishing both of these books by the end of the month of December. I’ll be posting insights that I gather from these books and my time in God’s Word.

What books are you reading? What is God teaching you?



It’s all about me

This video explains the real monster…the ME monster. This video is hilarious, but it is so true.

“Do not be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves.” Philippians 2:3

The breakdown…

Here’s a video from Fusion weekend that Justin (my brother), Casey, and I did for the youth. We had a lot of fun with it!

What do you think?

Youth camp

I have been thinking a lot lately about youth camp. I’ve been to them every year since I was thirteen, they ranged from the “rough and tough” to the “super flashy-big name speaker” camps.

I’m planning next year’s camp and for me it has become a much more in-depth search rather than picking a date and a camp organization. I remember the year I went to a camp in Shocco Springs, Alabama and I was 14 years old. One night at worship I began to hear God’s call on my life. The memory sticks in mind so clearly today! It was a night of camp where we were challenged to seek God with our whole heart and life. It was that night that God began calling me into ministry…Camp holds a special place in my life because of the environment for students to hear clearly from God away from all distractions.

Camp is powerful and with all of the different options today, I’m left with a few questions to find the very best camp for my students.

What is the purpose of the camp?

What is their philosophy of ministering to students?

Is the camp pastor and band true examples of Christ on and off the stage?

I’m curious out there in “blog-land” if you have any comments to add on youth camp? What made camp exciting and special to you?


God has been teaching me so many things lately. One of those is that we do not need to fear because of the power and work of Christ!

I’m excited about the youth series coming up. It is going to be focused upon:

Students finding their calling to be a hero in their generation for Christ.

God has been showing me through His word that as believers we are “more than conquerors through Christ…” Romans 8 speaks of the love that God has for us and that nothing can separate us from Him.

It is easy to lose heart with all the negativity in today’s culture when it comes to living for Christ. Christians are many times viewed as weak, uninformed, hateful, etc…

I pray that this generation of students rises up to meet the world with the message of Jesus.

What do you think?

Good stuff…

Last night at Elevate we had a great time in worship and it was fun jumping into the Word with the students. We talked about the influence of music and asked the question, “How are we to obey God in what we listen too?” It was a blast, we used three different questions to discover God’s best in what we listen to:

1. What does this song lead me to believe?

2. What are the values in this song?

3. How does it line up with truth?

We took three random songs that are in the top 10 charts and discussed them. In the middle school and High school time it was amazing to see the responses to each question that came from each song. Music is so powerful, it can make you mad, happy, sad, and many more feelings. The main point was to have a passion for truth and that only comes when we know and apply God’s Word. I just wanted to share a little about what happened at Elevate.

We are amped for Fusion Weekend coming up on October 3-5! We are praying for lives to be changed. We have some awesome small group leaders coming, great speaker and awesome band to lead the students to grow in Christ.

As for me, I’m a little tired at the moment. Life seems to be flying by so fast I’m having a hard time keeping up. I am excited to see my two brothers and Mom on October 3-5 weekend. I haven’t been able to spend time with them since Jordan’s funeral, so it will be great.

Stay clean and close to God!

Fusion Weekend 2008!

We are having our second Fusion Weekend this October! It is a student weekend focused on exciting worship, powerful teaching and small groups that meet in homes provided by church members. Last year was a great success and we saw many students grow closer to God and each other. This year’s theme is “iGro” and will be to motivate and encourage students for personal, spiritual growth in their relationship with Christ.

At a time when many students never learn how to have a growing relationship with Christ AFTER high school, we are focusing on giving them the right tools and training to learn to follow Christ daily.

October 3-5 is the date! All students from grades 6-12th are encouraged to come!