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Heading Home

We are headed to see my family in Greenville, South Carolina for Thanksgiving. We plan to leave shortly after church. It will be a great time of fellowship and encouragement for me and Cassidy.

We plan on relaxing, eating, making videos with my brother Justin (J-rob Productions), and enjoy spending quality time with each other. I am very thankful for family!

This picture is from Christmas 2007


I love my wife


I’ve enjoyed a special night with my beautiful wife, Cassidy. We ate some great “Shepherd’s Pie” that was amazing. We watched “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and I must say it was entertaining to watch.

Thanksgiving is coming next week and I must say that she is the greatest blessing in my life.

She is loving, gifted, gorgeous, sensitive, loyal, and patient. We’ve been married for 5 months and seven days! Marriage is awesome. I am tired of people being negative about marriage and saying things like,

“Well…it won’t always be this way, you’ll just get used to each other and argue like us…”
“So…are you guys tired of each other yet?”

Well…for me, I’ll never get over my wife! n87500060_30078722_6253

Funny video

This is a video of my younger brother Justin pulling a prank on my lovely wife, Cassidy. Enjoy!


Once again I am posting another production of my younger brother, Justin. Me and my brothers were home schooled growing up and because of that, we have many people who we can impersonate in videos. I’m thankful for the chance to be homeschooled, it was a great time in my life and thanks to my Mom for putting up with four boys running around making videos, wrestling, and eating a lot of food. The main reason that I think my brothers and I didn’t turn out “socially inept” (like most people think of home-schoolers) is that my parents lived a life of ministry and love to other people.

This video is hilarious. Hope you enjoy it.

Quick update…

I haven’t been very good about posting lately, life has been really busy.

Fusion was awesome this past weekend! We had some students get saved and some committing to follow God more closely! I was able to spend some time with my Mom and brothers, Jeff and Justin throughout the weekend and got to spend all day with them and Cassidy at the beach on Monday. God has blessed me with so many awesome people in my life to support and encourage me.

My adult leadership for the student ministry was amazing at Fusion weekend! They all worked so hard and had a “can-do” attitude no matter what. It is great to serve with people with a heart of service!

I’m off to finish getting ready for Elevate tonight!

Good stuff…

Last night at Elevate we had a great time in worship and it was fun jumping into the Word with the students. We talked about the influence of music and asked the question, “How are we to obey God in what we listen too?” It was a blast, we used three different questions to discover God’s best in what we listen to:

1. What does this song lead me to believe?

2. What are the values in this song?

3. How does it line up with truth?

We took three random songs that are in the top 10 charts and discussed them. In the middle school and High school time it was amazing to see the responses to each question that came from each song. Music is so powerful, it can make you mad, happy, sad, and many more feelings. The main point was to have a passion for truth and that only comes when we know and apply God’s Word. I just wanted to share a little about what happened at Elevate.

We are amped for Fusion Weekend coming up on October 3-5! We are praying for lives to be changed. We have some awesome small group leaders coming, great speaker and awesome band to lead the students to grow in Christ.

As for me, I’m a little tired at the moment. Life seems to be flying by so fast I’m having a hard time keeping up. I am excited to see my two brothers and Mom on October 3-5 weekend. I haven’t been able to spend time with them since Jordan’s funeral, so it will be great.

Stay clean and close to God!

Great memories!

Here is a few pictures of my wedding. It was the greatest day of my life other than accepting Christ!

One of the main reasons it was special was to have my brother Jordan in my wedding. He is my daily inspiration and hero. I hope that you realize today that we do not know how long we have on earth and to tell the people in your life that you love them and treasure the time you spend together. I hope that you spend each day sharing Jesus with others, hurting with and for people, and mending hearts through the power of God’s love in this broken world.

Jordan will always be missed, but his inspiration will live on in my heart daily and that is this…

…to live a humble and courageous life for Christ.