I serve as the student pastor at the Fellowship @ Celebration Baptist Church. I enjoy surfing, basketball, golf, working out, listening to students and hanging out with my amazing wife, Cassidy.

I’ve lived in Jacksonville since January ’07 after I graduated from college in December 2006. My passion is to see students come to know Jesus and live their lives for Him. I hope this blog encourages you!

This is my own personal blog and doesn’t necessarily reflect The Fellowship @ Celebration Baptist Church. Leave a comment to let me know you came by and visited!

If you are in need of a youth speaker you can contact me here: josh@cbcjax.org

3 responses to “About

  1. Jennifer Robinson

    Hey Josh! I loved your blog! I am so grateful for my favorite second born son! You are so awesome and precious to me. We are all so proud of you serving the Lord with all your heart. We hope that you have a fantastic year full of blessings. You are loved. Your favorite Mom

  2. Hey Josh,

    I ran across your blog today online via Boyd Bettis. Thought I’d give ya a quick
    shout. Keep up the great work.


  3. 🙂

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