I love my wife


I’ve enjoyed a special night with my beautiful wife, Cassidy. We ate some great “Shepherd’s Pie” that was amazing. We watched “Journey to the Center of the Earth” and I must say it was entertaining to watch.

Thanksgiving is coming next week and I must say that she is the greatest blessing in my life.

She is loving, gifted, gorgeous, sensitive, loyal, and patient. We’ve been married for 5 months and seven days! Marriage is awesome. I am tired of people being negative about marriage and saying things like,

“Well…it won’t always be this way, you’ll just get used to each other and argue like us…”
“So…are you guys tired of each other yet?”

Well…for me, I’ll never get over my wife! n87500060_30078722_6253


One response to “I love my wife

  1. I’ll never get over her either. She’s the best! Hehe!

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