Youth camp

I have been thinking a lot lately about youth camp. I’ve been to them every year since I was thirteen, they ranged from the “rough and tough” to the “super flashy-big name speaker” camps.

I’m planning next year’s camp and for me it has become a much more in-depth search rather than picking a date and a camp organization. I remember the year I went to a camp in Shocco Springs, Alabama and I was 14 years old. One night at worship I began to hear God’s call on my life. The memory sticks in mind so clearly today! It was a night of camp where we were challenged to seek God with our whole heart and life. It was that night that God began calling me into ministry…Camp holds a special place in my life because of the environment for students to hear clearly from God away from all distractions.

Camp is powerful and with all of the different options today, I’m left with a few questions to find the very best camp for my students.

What is the purpose of the camp?

What is their philosophy of ministering to students?

Is the camp pastor and band true examples of Christ on and off the stage?

I’m curious out there in “blog-land” if you have any comments to add on youth camp? What made camp exciting and special to you?


6 responses to “Youth camp

  1. I think if you are able to pull off your own camp…It’s a good route to go. It enables you to really get specific on addressing your own students…you can work hand in hand with the camp speaker to pray and think through the camp messages. Also, gives your students some good time with your adult leaders and enables the students to really get involved and serve each other.

  2. Good point Boyd. I wish we had the resources to do one this year, we’ve talked about it but I hope to put one together the following year. It definitely would be an advantage to plan and work hand in hand with the speaker, etc.

  3. My youth camp was with an independent baptist church where I got sent back to my room for playing basketball with the boys! So, I am certainly no help and I went back 4 times!!!! The experience is all about hearing God speak and connecting with believers, BUT staying away from clicks. Josh, you are doing an amazing job! Thank you so much for all you put into it.

  4. Audra,
    Sounds like it was pretty strick and all! I pray that the upcoming camp is a life-changing time in their lives. I hope you and your family have an awesome day!

  5. Centrifuge! Centrifuge! 😉

    You know I love Centrifuge. I think they do an awesome job with their camps. The camp staff always seem to be great with students and I love the recreation/team-building time! My only negative is that you can’t always determine how the camp speaker will be…since Centrifuge usually doesn’t get “top-name” speakers to come to their camps. Which is perfectly fine with me, as long as they really teach the WORD!

  6. Hey Josh..I know the girls got to go to 2 different camps but the one they really enjoyed and the one that stayed close to their heart was M-Fuge. They said they really loved helping people. They both came back on “fire” and they both had a better appreciation of all the Blessings they have!!! I hope you have a great weekend! you are awesome!!

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