What can I say…

The olympics are always fun to watch, swimming is my favorite thing to watch because the winner is clearly shown and there is no “voting” or “scorers.” If you have watched the gymnastics you will see a scoring system that is skewed, the US team getting lesser scores than other countries while doing the same thing! It has been hard to watch for me…I’m not a gymnast but it just seems to be slighted in the scoring? Anyone else feel this way?

But…the swimming has been sweet! Michael Phelps and the rest of the relay team that beat France was the greatest! Not only was it awesome to see them win the gold medal, they quieted the “trash talkers” from France. The picture below is priceless!


2 responses to “What can I say…

  1. Man, I’ve not watched the Olympics this year. I’ve just been way too busy.

  2. Liz and I have been loving the swimming events and the Olympics in general! I’ll watch them with her until I go to bed around 11 but she’ll stay up in bed watching them till 1am. I agree about the scored events, I’m liking the events where one person plainly just beats another. You don’t think much about the accuracy of those swimming touch pads until situations like the other night where they are used to decide winners based on fractions of a second!

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