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Camp video!!!

Here’s some great highlights of Student Life Camp 2008!!!!!

Back from camp!

Student life camp was great this year! It was great to go to Lookout Mountain and enjoy the amazing view of I hear, 6 states! The students really grew closer together and there were a couple that gave their life to Christ! God really showed me this year that there are students who are truly seeking after God. The media portrays youth of today as being only selfish, but I was able to see a loving community form in the youth group. Many shared burdens and my eyes were opened wide to the reality of the pain that many had been through. It was great to get to know the 53 people that went to camp!

One of the highlights of the trip for me was going hiking…I was trying to catch up to some of the students, but I could not find them on the trails. It was hard to find the path, but as I walked through the woods up and down, all I could hear was the wind through the trees. I spent that hour of free time just listening to God. I was blown away at how the trees, mountains, birds declare how amazing God is and how small I truly am. It was a great retreat for me during camp that I didn’t expect to experience. To say the least, I saw Jesus through watching the students love and care for each other. That truly is at the heart of why I do student ministry.

Here’s a couple pics of students at camp and the view:

Update on life…

Wow, summer is really flying by! It has been awesome being married, it has been almost a month this Saturday!

I’m taking the students to camp this next week to Student Life Camp and I pray that God just invades hearts and brings us to worship Him. I’ve done camp for many years and a hard part of camp is coming home and seeing a once excited group get less excited about the Lord. We are trying a new approach this year with leaders building relationships with the students through specific questions and using it as a way to follow-up with them after camp.

Please pray for salvation. Please pray for surrender. Please pray for encouragement and love that each student experiences. We are taking 53 to camp this year and there’s quite a few new faces so I pray that many lives are changed through relationships, God’s Word and worship.

As for me, I’m doing well. Just got a Xbox 360 and have enjoyed it! haha, its okay…I know I’m a nerd.

As for later today and this weekend…we are supposed to be getting surf from Hurricane BERTHA! Can’t wait to get wet.

As for what God is teaching me right now…Matthew 9:23-27 has hit me hard. A lot of the time I am like the disciples and look at the storms of life and say, “we are perishing!” God continues to show me that no matter what storms of life I’m in, he is able to be the sustainer of my life. I can hear Jesus’ voice, “Josh…why are you afraid, O you of little faith…”

As I learn how much I need Jesus daily…my desire is to have the faith that moves mountains.

He simply is all we need. He is not only the Savior, but the Healer.

Watch this video. The guy who is singing has terminal cancer. So powerful! It brings me to tears each time through the powerful words on the power of Jesus.

Please continue to pray for my brother, Jordan. He is heading with my family to Duke university to receive treatment and help for his battle with cancer.

Lame Jokes 2.5

It is great to laugh…this video is hilarious, once again my brothers made another video. WOW is all that I can say about this one!

Summer is flying by

I haven’t posted in a while, life has been flying by. Camp is coming up in about a week so there’s been a lot of planning for it and all.

Married life is amazing, Cassidy is awesome! It has been nice to get our condo decorated with all of the wedding gifts we received. God has truly been good to us and has provided above and beyond what we deserve.

We got to spend our first 4th of July together last night! We went to Jax beach and watched a good firework show!

Please continue to pray for my younger brother, Jordan and his battle with cancer. God is in control and I ask that you keep praying for his healing through this time. My family has been strong in the Lord through this and I pray that God continues to strengthen Jordan. Thanks for praying for him.