Monthly Archives: June 2008

Back from the honeymoon!

We had an amazing honeymoon and enjoyed the reality of beginning life together! I can say that I married way above me and Cassidy is definitely a huge blessing and gift from God. I’m getting back into the swing of things back in the “real world”, it sure was nice to take a few days in the Caribbean and relax and get to know Cassidy more!

Here’s a few pictures from our honeymoon to St. Maarten!

We have a lot more pictures but here is a few of our honeymoon!

Wedding in 3 days! Check out this video!

Lots of last minute things to do today. Wow, I’m going to get married this Saturday! Awesome.

Here is another hilarious video by my younger brothers. Hope you enjoy.

The Wedding countdown! 5 days!

Life has been really busy lately. Time is flying by with ministry and wedding plans. I’m so pumped for this Saturday!!! God has truly blessed me beyond what I ever deserve. I’m excited about seeing my family as they all come in, we will have lots of good laughs and encouragement



Here is Mrs. Robinson-to-be…

God is good!