Please pray for my brother

As most of you know, my younger brother Jordan has cancer. Jordan went to the doctor and found out that his tumor around his ankle has grown and not shrunk. We were hoping that the radiation and chemo would zap it, but it has grown. The doctors are consulting with the SC doctors as well as MD Anderson and others who are in sarcoma research. They can possibly remove it with surgery, but it is in the inner ankle area and with blood vessels and with being a delicate area to work, it would take some expert surgery. There is a possibility that they would need to amputate the leg from down below the knee down. We are to hear more from the doctors today and possibly have surgery next week.

Jordan has been a warrior throughout this time and I’d ask you to please pray that he would be strengthened and that God’s power would be seen in his life.
Please pray, we desire a miraculous healing of his leg and pray that it would happen soon if it is God’s will. Jordan and my family have talked about what would bring God more glory, a prosthesis or to heal him completely.

Thank you for praying for Jordan. With my wedding coming up on June 14th, it has been hard with all of the timing, but we know God has perfect timing and He knows what is best for His children.

Thanks for lifting my brother up in prayer.


3 responses to “Please pray for my brother

  1. Hi Josh, I just said a prayer for Jordan.

    I get google alerts for “sarcoma,” which led me to your post. I’m sorry to hear that your brother’s tumor is growing. I lead a support group for adult bone sarcoma patients and survivors. We have a gal who had Ewing’s sarcoma at her ankle, and she was told that an expert may be able to save her leg, but that it would be really hard to use afterwards. That ankle is a tricky small joint that does a big job! Anyway, she had a below-the-knee amputation and is doing really well! She’s able to keep up with her toddler and everything.

    People with BTK amputations seem to have excellent function with minimal long-term pain. I read about them running marathons and such. It sounds like your brother would be one of those people if he needs an amputation.

    I had limb salvage at my shoulder, and I am very thankful for my arm. These things aren’t easy decisions, as I am left with limited function and a good deal of pain, but I have great hand function! It really is a cost/benefit decision, and each person might see it differently. Hopefully the doctors will have a clear recommendation for the best long-term results.

    I don’t know where your brother is being treated, and I know they say they are consulting with other doctors, but sometimes it’s good to get a second opinion when sarcoma is not responding to treatment. The Sarcoma Alliance will refund up to $1,000 of expenses related to travel and cost of a second opinion with a sarcoma specialist. Some of the major sarcoma centers are known for their excellent work with adult sarcoma patients. More information about the expense reimbursement program and sarcoma centers is here:

    Much hope,
    Mary Sorens

  2. praying for you and your brother. Thank you for sharing…henry and frances

  3. naturallyopinionated

    I just said a prayer for your brother, and your entire family. I was touched by your deep love for him, and the Lord. God bless you.


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