Love for the lost

“Tears of the Saints” is one my all-time favorite songs. I believe one of the best songs written in a long time. Hope it touches your life and encourages you to share Jesus with the lost.


3 responses to “Love for the lost

  1. AMAZING song. If this doesn’t help you cry out for the lost, i don’t know what does…

  2. Madie Kenworthy

    I love this song now!!!! I loved it when Cassidy sang it Wednsday. It sounded really good and I showed it to my parents and my grandma. I have been listening to it so much that i actually memerized it! Bottom Line: Awesome Song.

  3. O btw… about a month ago i was goin out w/ this guy named Alec, and he was one of my best friends that i told everything to and i really think i loved him, and he told me everything i wanted to hear and we’d been goin out for 2 weeks 5 days (yes i counted) and i found out he’d been goin out w/ another girl (Lindsay) and so i broke up w/ him and i was really mean to him and i havent said one word to him since and he apologized las thursday which i am now seeing as what could have been an opportunity to forgive him but i just turned away… God says you are supposed to forgive people but how do you forgive someone that did something that bad? and what approach would you take??? Im a little confused and I sent him the song “Marvelous Light” on youtube which i think got him confused because i hadnt talked to him in a month… So how should i approach my situation??? Please respond because Im confused and its difficult because I’ve held a grudge for so long.

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