Monthly Archives: May 2008

Moving day!

Tomorrow I’m going to be moving into the “Robinson’s-to-be” condo. I’m excited because I’m going to get to set it all up before our wedding on June 14th. Over the last few years in college, I’ve moved quite a bit and now I’m glad to finally be in a place that won’t be a “bachelor pad” anymore. I’m glad to moving away from being a single guy, I have enjoyed the benefits of being a single guy on his own (eating bad food, etc) and I’m glad to be getting married to my best friend.

The wedding is only 16 days away! Check out our wedding page here!

Thanks to all of you who are praying for my brother Jordan, he is the toughest person I know and has shown a resilient trust in God through this time.


Please pray for my brother

As most of you know, my younger brother Jordan has cancer. Jordan went to the doctor and found out that his tumor around his ankle has grown and not shrunk. We were hoping that the radiation and chemo would zap it, but it has grown. The doctors are consulting with the SC doctors as well as MD Anderson and others who are in sarcoma research. They can possibly remove it with surgery, but it is in the inner ankle area and with blood vessels and with being a delicate area to work, it would take some expert surgery. There is a possibility that they would need to amputate the leg from down below the knee down. We are to hear more from the doctors today and possibly have surgery next week.

Jordan has been a warrior throughout this time and I’d ask you to please pray that he would be strengthened and that God’s power would be seen in his life.
Please pray, we desire a miraculous healing of his leg and pray that it would happen soon if it is God’s will. Jordan and my family have talked about what would bring God more glory, a prosthesis or to heal him completely.

Thank you for praying for Jordan. With my wedding coming up on June 14th, it has been hard with all of the timing, but we know God has perfect timing and He knows what is best for His children.

Thanks for lifting my brother up in prayer.

Love for the lost

“Tears of the Saints” is one my all-time favorite songs. I believe one of the best songs written in a long time. Hope it touches your life and encourages you to share Jesus with the lost.

Learning faith…

Time sure if flying by right now. We are getting married on June 14th and with all that we have planned before and after, it seems like each day the time goes by faster! I’m so blessed to be getting ready to be married to a wonderful woman of God. I’m learning to have faith through this time of life and I’m learning a lot about myself and how much I need to grow in my walk with Jesus.

This verse has spoken to me lately:

“Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever draws near to God must believe that He exists and that he rewards those who seek Him.” Hebrews 11:6

I’m praying that my faith relationship with Christ grows and He gets more glory everyday.

What about you?

Fishing…for people?


I enjoy fishing although I do not get to go much anymore. I’ve been doing a study on Jesus’ statement, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” Jesus called ordinary men and poured into them throughout his life and they changed the world through their witness.

Here’s a few thoughts I have on fishing for people:

We need to think like a fish When is the last time we remembered what it was like to be lost?

You have to go where the fish are We need to build relationships with lost people in our community

– We can’t expect them just to jump into the boat Lost people do not really want to come to church, they are in need of the church to go to them.

You have to be patient It takes time to invest in order to catch fish, God is the one that changes them, we just need to keep going.

Let God clean them We can’t expect people to quit bad habits and get right before they accept Christ.

Any thoughts on being fishers of people?