How do we respond to the world’s disbelief?

I simply believe…servant evangelism.

The postmodern society that we are in revolves around authenticity. People do not want anyone to judge another person based on being authentic, but they inwardly want it from each other. In order for the church to impact the world and their search for truth, we need to be listeners. People desire to be heard, not matter how off-track and lost they are in their life. Jesus always responded with questions (besides some of his face-offs with the Pharisees).

If we are to model servant-evangelism, people need to know we care. Many lost people stereotype believers as uncaring, defensive, judgmental and close-minded. We must be counter-culture and look at the postmodern questions like, ā€œIs Jesus the only way to God?ā€ as an opportunity rather than an argument. We must re-train our attitude towards the lost and be students of the culture so that we can rightly divide the Word of Truth in real-life situations. Simply, people want to see us respond with patience and kindness in everyday situations.

The important part for believers is that we should love each other with a sacrificial and encouraging love. Lost people need to see churches reveal their love for each other outwardly and verbally. We spend too much time talking about loving each other. For example, when a believer needs prayer, we usually tell them we are praying for them rather than praying for them on the spot.

Jesus was the ultimate example of servant evangelism. He gave of himself not based on feelings, but on his love for others.

Although the world is constantly changing, we must offer people an alternative to life that uses every chance we get to model service to unbelievers and be ready with an answer for the hope we have in Christ.

What do you think?

One response to “How do we respond to the world’s disbelief?

  1. good words bro. I echo them greatly. it’s funny how we are ok when missionaries study other cultures in the world and learn how to strategically share the gospel with them, but then alot of us in America get defensive and upset when we want to study the American culture and learn how to share the truth strategically…something i’ve been pondering and questioning for a long time. We in America believe we have it ALL figured out, and I think a lot of us in the church do not really have any idea of how strategic we need to start being.

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