God created us for Relationship and Community

I’ve been thinking a lot about how we reach our communities with the gospel. Here are a few thoughts on two terms we throw around today “relationship” and “community.”

Here’s what I think is important to reach our ever-changing world with Jesus.

God’s desire is reconciliation of people to Himself. We find that in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve were actively involved in a relationship with God. Through their disobedience to God, we are the direct results of sin and are in need or restoration.

In today’s culture of postmodern thought there is a need for Christians to engage the world by building relationships with them. First, we need to know that God does not need us but wants us. He desires to use us to bring Him glory and share the gospel to all people. It is important to understand that from the overflow of our relationship with Christ, we share the gospel to an unbelieving world, we are not alone in building relationships in our communities. In Acts 1:8 it says, “For you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you…” We will not reach our communities with the gospel without the Holy Spirit’s power. I serve as a Student Pastor and the more students I converse with and listen to, the more I realize that I must show them Jesus, not just talk about Him. Jesus came to, “seek and save the lost.” Our goal must be to present the gospel, let the Holy Spirit draw the person, and be sensitive to helping the person put their faith and trust in Christ alone.

In order for us to reach the lost with the gospel, we must show an example of community. Community in today’s culture is quite independent. Jesus taught us to be completely defendant upon Him and to love others (Matthew 22:39) above ourselves. Lastly, we must model Jesus’ approach to love people and be willing to impact isolated people with the intimate gospel of Jesus Christ. God created us for relationship and as people all across our communities are searching, we must be ready to share the life-changing message of Jesus.

What do you think?

2 responses to “God created us for Relationship and Community

  1. Sounds good to me. Go forward in Jesus name!
    Thanks, Richard

  2. Hey buddy. It’s ironic that you post of community…that is the emphasis we are trying to pattern our whole spring over here in Kansas City and Metro.

    I agree with a full heart with what you say, and encourage all of us to (myself included) to begin to live this way, and quite merely talking about it as I have done for years).

    You can pray for us. We have a retreat scheduled for next weekend in which the entire focus is “community”. I’m thrilled for it!

    Matthew Creath

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