Life can be a blur…

What a blur…this weekend was fast-moving. It was great to lead some youth ministry training in the Ocala area. It was a blast to get to train youth leaders and help them think through ways to reach students without Christ and grow disciples. I am reminded of the importance of God’s Word being central to my life, especially when life gets busy.

I thought a lot about the journey of life. My family has been such a huge blessing to my life, I’m not worthy to have the parents and brothers that I have. I look back at my life growing up and see distinct points that God grabbed my attention and spoke to me. I’ll share one instance with you…

I went to Haiti on a mission trip when I was a senior in High school. It was an eye-opening experience that helped shape who I am. I saw people without clothes, running water, and more importantly, hope. People were so amazing though, amidst the smells and the poverty. Little children would hold our hands as we walked down the streets, many of them not knowing that they wouldn’t live past 30-40 years old. I remember one boy that we talked to about Jesus using an interpretor. He asked about this guy named, Jesus and the cross. He had never heard the story of salvation. When he responded to the gospel and asked Christ into His life, I realized at that point why I was on the earth. To see people come to know Jesus. After that point, I knew that I was called to serve God. I did not know how it was going to happen, but I knew one thing…people need Jesus.

Now looking back, at 23 years old (almost 24) I realize that I must remember the parts of my life that aren’t a blur and celebrate how amazing God is.

It has been a journey…ups and downs…Although some of it is blurry, God has always been there no matter how many times I mess up. My life is something because of Jesus. Sure it sounds cliche’, but it rings true to me through all of life.


One response to “Life can be a blur…

  1. You care about the right stuff, Josh.

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