I like the word “blog”

All I can say is I like saying the word, “blog.” Yeah…just wanted to throw that out here in the land of “bloggers.” haha…Does anyone know the history of “blogging?”


On a more serious note…I have learned quite a bit from reading blogs. I enjoy being able to read about new ideas and insights to all areas of life. I was unsure of blogging because of the feeling of an online diary. It has been great to continue learning and to see all the exciting changes in technology and how it can be used for the God.

Anyone have any new blogs that I should check out?


3 responses to “I like the word “blog”

  1. These two sites are good to get some behind the scenes stuff. To help with finding resources and stuff you’ll need to for things like production, places to get stuff, etc.


  2. It depends on what kind of blogs you’re looking for. For religious blogs, checl out http://www.swerve.lifchurch.tv or http://www.stevenfurtick.com. Both very motivational. For blogs about blogging, go to http://www.problogger.net or http://www.skelliewag.org. Both very practical for bloggers.

    “Blog” is a mixture “web” and “log”. It’s a weblog and for short it’s called a blog. It was originally meant to chronicle personal thoughts on the web before search engines came along and made everything super findable. now blogs are mainly used for sharing topics you don’t mind other people reading.

  3. Thanks buddy. Sounds awesome.

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