xbox 360 elite for free?

I’ve been wanting a xbox 360 for a while now and ran across this student ministry website called “Life in Student Ministry.” It hasn’t really fit into my budget and all for a while now and so i am giving this whole idea of a free xbox a try. The website I’m checking out is I signed up for it and chose a requirement and ask others to check it out as well, then you receive a free Xbox elite.

I’m very skeptical about these types of offers, but I’ve read some good blogs, websites on the issue and thought it was worth a try.

You click on this link:

Then you follow the instructions, it only takes about 10 minutes. I chose the referral choice where I need 9 referrals to complete the order. You can also get your own free Xbox elite and if you fill one out and get referrals. I signed up for the offer, it is a free month subscription and all.

Check out these videos on it being legitimate:

Anyways, just wanted to give this a shot! Let me know what you think!


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