I’m passionate about discipleship. I have heard many definitions of what discipleship entails.

Let me throw in my two cents.

I believe that people were created for relationship. Life is more than us on earth, we are created for an eternal relationship with God. This is what brings true substance to the question of, “why am I here?”

With that said, I want to speak from the heart as a student pastor. It breaks my heart to the many people who do not have peace through Christ.

Why do I say this? Discipleship is messy. It is not just a 101 class or a book we read. Sure, those are great ways to learn.

Discipleship is messy because we are sinners. We are not good. Let that sink in…The culture we live in promotes self. We must stay counter-culture to this, but many won’t like it. We are good because we are in Christ.

Discipleship is simply cleaning up the mess.

Many approaches to discipleship is to win them and let someone else train them. Sure, it sounds good but it is not biblical. We must be sure that when we share with them we make time to disciple them.

How do we improve in discipling others?

(1) We must meet people at their point of need. We must listen, James 1:19 is one of my “life verses”…it says, “let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak…” We must listen with our hearts and not just our ears.

(2) We must live by example – be real…Jesus did not change, check out John 6:60-71.

(3) Keep building relationships – true influence and life-change happens when people connect in personal relationships built on Jesus Christ.

Here’s a few passages to check out…Matthew 28:19-20, Philippians 2:12, 1 Timothy 4:15

I’d like to hear your two cents on discipleship?


3 responses to “Discipleship…

  1. Yes sir. Relationship is the key. Not being an acquaintance of Jesus’, but being in a relationship.

  2. slowtraincoming

    I stumbled across your blog and was really glad I did. Good stuff on discipleship. Love your quote: Discipleship is simply cleaning up the mess. Leroy Eims, (old-school Man-of-God from the Navigators) wrote a book before you were born called The Lost Art of Disciple Making. He said, “Every believer in Jesus Christ deserves the opportunity of personal nurture and development.” Man, I love that. As ministers we should feel obligated to disicple our people. It should be our priority! As a Student Minister you have the oppty to disciple those young adults before their life gets too messy, although I understand that their world is a mess also. But I can tell you from experience, the older you get, the longer you live, the messier the mess gets! I will pray for you this week that God uses you to impact the disciples He has given you and that you can help them “clean up the mess.” Leroy Eims also said, “True discipling takes time and tears and love and patience.” Keep on keeping on my brother! You’re doing fine.

  3. Slowtraincoming – It is encouraging to hear your comment, I wonder sometimes why I even have a blog and more specifically about the issues of ministry and the needs of people w/o Christ. It is definitely a priority to disciple people. Life is a mess and I really am more focused in my life not on the traditional class-type focus on people, but on relationships built on Jesus. I think you had a great comment that life gets messier the older you get. There are times I think it should be easier and less messy…haha. Anyways, Keep on with your ministry and I appreciate the prayers. It means a lot.

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