Living Hope

I am amazed at this time of year. People become so busy (including myself) with shopping and planning for the New Year. I was reminded today of how much we turn Christmas-time inward. It is a special time for families/rest/vacations, etc.
I am also sobered because of the many hurts people are struggling with. I have talked to numerous people and have heard their stories of loss, death, pain and frustration. God has really started to soften my heart to people that are hurting. Many times I become so busy with what is going on around me that I miss out on being the living hope that Jesus meant for us to be.
Following Jesus should not be focused solely upon meetings, agendas, schedules. I believe in preparation, planning and good administration, but if that is our ending goal then I think we are missing it. I have missed it many times. I am a work in progress, slowly learning daily that I need less of Josh and more of Jesus.
I hope that through this Christmas season I can be a living hope to the world because of Jesus living in me.

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