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Hey everybody,

I look forward to having the prospective pastor, Paul White with us this Sunday! I hope you come out and meet him and his family.

Here’s a few reminders:

If you want an Elevate T-shirt bring $8 Sunday! The T-shirts are looking good so you do not want to miss out!
Parents, you can have one too! If you pay this Sunday then we should have the shirts by Christmas!

Student Life Tour – For those of you signed up for Tour this year, final payment is past DUE. If you have specific questions about it, please email me back or call my cell (349-0607).

Parent-Student Lunch on December 16th! Please sign up at the Cross Training table to let us know you are coming (it is FREE).
We will have a drawing for a FREE SPOT TO CAMP this upcoming summer. Parents must be present to put their names in on December 16th. It will be a special time of vision-casting for 2008 and a time of encouragement to you and your students. I encourage you to be there!

Have an awesome day,

Josh Robinson

Check this out…

Awesome video on Casting Crowns song, “Who Am I?”

Living Hope

I am amazed at this time of year. People become so busy (including myself) with shopping and planning for the New Year. I was reminded today of how much we turn Christmas-time inward. It is a special time for families/rest/vacations, etc.
I am also sobered because of the many hurts people are struggling with. I have talked to numerous people and have heard their stories of loss, death, pain and frustration. God has really started to soften my heart to people that are hurting. Many times I become so busy with what is going on around me that I miss out on being the living hope that Jesus meant for us to be.
Following Jesus should not be focused solely upon meetings, agendas, schedules. I believe in preparation, planning and good administration, but if that is our ending goal then I think we are missing it. I have missed it many times. I am a work in progress, slowly learning daily that I need less of Josh and more of Jesus.
I hope that through this Christmas season I can be a living hope to the world because of Jesus living in me.

Some Elevate students info…


Just a few things to remember for Sunday

Sunday is the last day to bring your clothes to give to the Ministry we are helping out with. Remember to bring clothes that are not worn out but in good condition. Bring them and put them in the Refuge.

If you are going to Student Tour and helped out with the Spaghetti dinner, you raised $75 so far total (this includes the $50 deposit). You have $75 left to pay for Tour. The total cost of tour is $150.
Upcoming Event(s):

Parent/Student Luncheon on December 16th immediately following the AM service in the Refuge ! Please RSVP at the Cross training table before or on December 9th. I really hope to see all of you there!

Student Christmas Party – December 19th @ 7pm. Come out and have a blast! We will have some great fun. We will be collecting gifts to give to needy families. Each student should bring a gift no more than $5-$10 to donate. We will have some good finger foods and games. Boys bring 2 liters and girls bring chips/dip/any cool snacks….etc…

I hope you all are doing well! I can’t wait to see you all at Connection group on Sunday. We will be doing some small group/big group time.

Be there at 9am! Look forward to seeing you all!

I’m heading back to Jax tomorrow night.

Stay close and clean to God.


it is good to be with family…

I’m having a blast with up here in Greenville, SC.

Getting to see my little brother Jordan was really good. I appreciate the prayers for him, he is really handling the cancer in his leg very well. I do not understand why God has allowed this to happen to him, but I know Jordan’s faith is strong in Jesus.

As a family we have never dealt with this, we’ve known people that have had cancer and all…but what I am seeing is a 20 yr old guy (athlete for North Greenville University Basketball) trusting in God. Jordan has had 5 surgeries and is now undergoing chemo-therapy. He is home now and I’m blessed to be with him and my family over thanksgiving. I’m blessed to have parents/brothers that are clinging onto God right now.

Even though I’m pretty frustrated with his situation, I am thankful on this Thanksgiving week of the cross of Jesus Christ. Jesus knows suffering, pain, frustration, the question of, “why?”…

Nothing is too big for God. Please pray for Jordan and that God would be glorified through this situation and his life.


retreat time..

Well i’m writing from A-town…Atlanta…or ATL…or…I don’t know what else they call this city.
I had a fun time trying to find my way around when I got into town…I was just staring up at the buildings and driving through amazed at all that mankind has built. I am so thankful to be here at the National youth workers convention. I’ve already got to hang out with some solid student pastors and have been encouraged very much.
By the way…it is freezing here. Today I was walking through downtown (by myself…which was a little freaky) and I was quite coooold. Yep…I have decided to quit being in denial to the fact that it is now going to cold(er) and I must wear more clothes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about people who need encouragement. I need it. You need it.
I have found that the more we as Christ-followers encourage each other instead of pointing out each other’s flaws, we are motivated to change and become more like Christ. Matthew 6-7 talks something about a “speck” and a “plank.” You ought to check it out…

One thing I have learned this week is, It is not what I “do” that makes me Josh. It is who I am in Christ. Not just that but the question of, “who am I becoming?”
Am I becoming closer to God? Am I developing relationships with people that need love? I have learned through the last few years that I need to slow down, relax and concentrate on fellowship with God and pouring it into other people.

Jesus came to serve and give His life for many. Relationships that are driven by Jesus. Whew! That gets me pumped!

Any thoughts on any of this?

This past weekend…

was awesome!

The 30 Hour famine that went down was amazing. The students responded in a great way and showed commitment towards each place that we served. They did a great job working at the mission sites without food. I was so blessed to see the students be the hands and feet of Jesus.
The Lord’s Supper was a special time we had as a youth group. God has been so good to me in allowing me to serve alongside students and leaders who love Jesus.

God is so good.